About the Book

Still Have Faith is a compelling story about a husband’s thoughts, feelings, and struggles in dealing with his wife’s 17½ year battle with breast cancer, and the first four years after her death.

Over this time period, Mike had to face the deaths of other family members, raising his two children, his relationship with God, and rebuilding his life.

First-time author Michael D. Stalter’s writing style is down-to-Earth and intimate, allowing the reader to feel as if Mike is sharing his story with a close friend. It is one of the only books available written from the perspective of a male caregiver.

Still Have Faith is available in paperback, PDF, and as an eBook for Kindle, Nook, or iTunes.

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Mike self-published Still Have Faith via InstantPublisher.com. He welcomes publishing offers from traditional publishing houses. Please use the Contact page.

For every paperback  book sold $1 will be donated to cancer research.