Affection and Sex When Your Wife Has Cancer

Yesterday (March 29, 2015), the online magazine “The Good Men Project”  published my article titled Sex and Affection When Your Wife Has Cancer.

Good Men Project logoThe article is based on my personal perspective while my wife Mary was in treatment for her breast cancer. Added to my own experience is some information I learned in discussing the issues with my marketing coordinator Lisa M. Blacker, who has background in biomedical sciences and psychology.

Although I discussed this subject in the book as it related to Mary and me, my intention with this article is to cover the topic in a somewhat clinical but not too impersonal way. If you don’t want to read about personal sex, skip this article. If you want a glimpse of real life when your wife has cancer, click here to read my article. When you do, feel free to comment on the Good Men Project site where the article is posted, or come back to comment here. Thanks for reading.


A Letter from M.T., Another Grateful Reader

Dear Mr. Stalter

I find your book very encouraging. Since my husband died, I decided not to attend support groups. I chose to seek Biblical counseling, which helped me to understand the affairs of our hearts and why we do what we do. I never before had a chance to talk to any one that had suffered a terminal illness.

When I first got your book, I was not sure what to expect, since I was with the understanding, that is more about a husband’s way of view. But soon after reading a few chapters I was able to sink in to your story and see that many of the things you talk about were things that happened in my own struggle with my husband and our family. Even the decisions that I had to make in my business were affected by the cancer.

I find that you were totally honest and didn’t mask any of the difficult times (as many of us do).  I was able to relate with you on the dating chapter, too.  Not many are willing to tell others the risk and difficulties one faces being single again.

I also was able to see that the anger that goes along with this difficult struggle is part of one’s life. I had a very difficult relationship with my son who had just come back from the military. So reading from your book that your son, Tom also had a difficult time, somehow helped me understand I’m not alone.

Your testimony of God’s love for you and your family, the way you express that  even in the middle of the struggles, there is peace when you have the Holly Spirit in your life.


M. T.

Talk-Radio-Network with Jo-Anne Vandermeulen on Monday October 29th at 5:30 central time.

I will be interviewed on Talk-Radio-Network with Jo-Anne Vandermeulen on Monday October 29th, 2012 at 5:30 central time.  Please check out her webpage at and please pass this info along to your friend and repost on your own Facebook page!!  Remember October is Breast Cancer Awarness Month!!!!

Author Marketing Experts Signed to Promote Still Have Faith!!

I have signed a contract with Author Marketing Experts they are a book promotion company out of California.  I talked to several different book promotion companies and looked at some proposals to market Still Have Faith.  Every last company I talked to said there is no other book out on the market that they know of where the Husband talks about the stresses and feelings of being a caregiver.   They all said that Still Have Faith has long term potential due to the subject matter of terminal illness and cancer.   Hopefully Still Have Faith will help others and start a dialog on what husbands and all caregivers go through.  My personal hope is that husbands and caregivers won’t feel alone.

Please tell anyone you know or meet about Still Have Faith and or Still Have faith’s Facebook page!!!  We all know someone who is battling cancer or some other terminal, or long term illness.  Let’s all help them by being supportive of their caregivers and helping the caregivers in their job of giving care!!!
Thank you all who have helped me in any way with Still Have Faith!!!!