Irene from Amarillo Texas wrote this about Still Have Faith.

Irene from Amarillo Texas wrote this about Still Have Faith.

Yes I did like it. It was one of the few books that I have ever read from beginning to end in less than a day. I couldn’t quit reading it and stayed with it till I finished it. I want Jim to read it but of course now with the World Series he is watching it when he doesn’t fall asleep and hope when it is over he will sit and read it. He is a pretty fast reader. I have several friends who have had breast cancer that I want to tell about your book so that they can read and to have their spouse read the book and see it from a male point of view.

Spreading the Word

I sent out many emails this week telling different groups that fight cancer about Still Have Faith. This morning I talked to Linda Fisher who has an excellent company helping cancer victims and their families at

Also I received an email from the group, Men For A Cause, United Against Breast Cancer. Connect with them on Facebook here, and on Twitter here. On LinkedIn, you will find their business page here, and you can join their group here. Their website is

Please check out these organizations, they will be helping promote Still Have Faith. They are also helping many many people world wide.

1st Book

I sold and delivered my 1st book yesterday. I sold the PDF e-Book version and they loved it. It was someone who I have never met and that even makes it cooler. They said it was “Fantastic” and “Inspirational”. I am very humbled and thankful. Please tell your friends about this book because for every book sold I am giving a $1 to cancer research.